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Services and Pricing no longer supplies hardware to students for purchase. However, we do provide the services to install hardware you have purchased yourself. Please visit the office located in Green 18 during regular business hours to schedule hardware and software installation.

Please note that the majority of modern personal computers and all new Apple computers come with Ethernet capabilities, and therefore, purchasing an network adapter is unnecessary. To check to see if your computer already has the necessary hardware, consult the online documentation or contact the manufacturer’s technical support.

Software Services Price
Operating System Installation $15.00
New Application Installation $15.00
Virus Removal/Virus Software Installation $15.00
Spyware Removal $15.00
General Troubleshooting $15.00
Data Migration $30.00

Hardware Services Price
Hard Drive Installation $15.00
Memory Installation $15.00
Screen Replacement(Case by Case) $30.00
Other Hardware Installation $15.00
Data Migration(External Devices) $30.00

*Note: RESnet cannot guarantee compatibility nor a successful connection with all equipment. If we can not properly install the provided hardware there is no charge.