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About Network Access Control

About Network Access Control

TCNJ now employs a Network Access Control or NAC device to help prevent a computer from becoming a victim of virus, spyware, spam, or trojans, and also from spreading such malware. The NAC also replaces the Resnet application with an electronic equivalent that associates a TCNJ community member with a computer. A summary of the College’s security requirements is:

  • use appropriate and up-to-date anti-virus software
  • keep your computer up-to-date with operating system patches
  • do not use peer to peer file sharing applications

The information collected by the NAC includes your username, IP address, MAC address, and security profile of your machine gathered from the state of your anti-virus software, operating system update settings, and any peer to peer file sharing applications. This information resides on a TCNJ server and is not transmitted off campus.