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About ResNet

Residential Networking Services was founded at The College of New Jersey in 1995 as a division of User Support Services (USS) for Information Technology (IT). Today, we serve over 3,000 clients throughout TCNJ’s residence halls. Our primary objective is to provide residents with reliable access to the capabilities provided by our campus network, including Internet access, email, Software From Any Academic Location (SAL). The Residential Computer Technicians (RCTs) are fellow students who are employed by the college and are specifically responsible for providing and maintaining network connectivity for all TCNJ residents.

ResNet is dedicated to enabling students to effectively and efficiently utilize technology in their education. Central to this focus is the belief that technologies are best used when they are readily accessible from within a student’s residence. For this reason, ResNet has been dedicated to providing network access in all residential rooms since September of 1995. With its commitment to two years of guaranteed housing for undergraduate students, TCNJ has a unique opportunity to bring powerful resources and support to its students, with the basic assumption that information technology will continue to be a critical part of academic, administrative, and residential life at the college. The following principles form the basis of our support strategy:

  • The college should provide adequate resources for those students who do not own computers. Providing local computer facilities in academic areas ensures equitable access to information technology in a way that simulates, as closely as possible, the convenience of owning a computer.
  • The college should support and add value to the computers that students own by providing resources in residences which support those computers, such as computer in-room network connections.
  • The most effective method of providing computer resource management, consultation, and education with respect to both cost and quality of support is through resident student mentors.

In accordance of the aforementioned principles, ResNet provides computing environments in student residence halls and a staff of Residential Computer Technicians (RCTs) who support students in a timely manner.

All of TCNJ’s student residents can access the Internet from within their rooms if they own a computer. Besides allowing students to use Internet resources, these connections provide access to on-campus computing resources such as network servers, the college library system, and various software packages.

Residential Computer Technicians (RCTs) are student staff members who support residence halls, providing computer skills and consultation for many computer related problems. RCTs are the primary resource for TCNJ’s resident students, and reliance on these student experts is the key to the success of the ResNet program.

Supervisor: Mia Valentini


Consultants: Robert Brown, Usman Ahmed, Zack Johnson, Kyler Steele, Victoria Green, Richard Laforteza, Stephen Wassum